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What can we do to "omotenashi" an increasing number of visitors from overseas?
as for being a hospitable host of an island in Japan?

In the close future, the concept of international distance will be no greater than it is today.
We think that our profession as a multi-lingual field guide should be recognized now,
as one of the indispensable roles to be played by younger generation.

So we started, as a group of professionals in Yakushima,
to help you all who are interested in Yakushima and our job!

Any question? Feel free to contact us!


-It will be your private tour.
During the tour, our guide attends ONLY you and your group for the best experience and safety. NO worry about no stranger.
We will do our BEST to make your time in Yakushima unforgettable!
-We are licensed and local..

All staffs are licensed by;
-Japan National Tourism Organization to attend visitors from overseas
-Japan Mountain Guides Association to guide in wild fields throughout Japan
-Yakushima Tourism Association to represent what a wonderful island Yakushima is!
-Wilderness Medical Associates JAPAN
We live in Yakushima and have attended thousands of visitors up to this day.

Many guests say that traveling with a guide is much more secure, informative and fun. Not only for those, communication with locals through conversation would be such a real charm of trip. Please check our guides making your visit to Yakushima memorable.
-Junichi AIDA, Chief Guide


 Nickname: JUN

Chief Guide / Born in 1973

-In charge of all tours
-Active as a professional field guide in Yakushima since 1998
CEO of NatureWeaver INC. (株)自然のポケット
  • National Certified Tour Guide (English) 観光庁認定通訳案内士(英語)
  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid WAFA アドバンスレベル
  • Technical Rope Rescue by Rescue 3 Japan テクニカルロープレスキュー
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician by Rescue 3 Japan スイフトウォーターレスキューテクニシャン
  • Certified Japan Mountain Guide 日本山岳ガイド協会認定登山ガイド
  • Sea Senior Kayaking Guide by Japan Recreational Canoe Association シーシニアカヤックガイド
  • Member of Yakushima Tourism Association 屋久島観光協会会員
  • Advanced Life-Saving Certification 上級救命講習受講

Looking forward to welcome and help you experience the natural beauty of Yakushima, and also Japanese culture that is deeply related to its nature.

Guide Staff / Born in 1978

-Former staff
-Active as a field guide in Yakushima between 2008 and 2021
  • National Certified Tour Guide (English, French) 観光庁認定通訳案内士(英語、フランス語)
  • Certified Japan Mountain Guide 日本山岳ガイド協会認定登山ガイド
  • Wilderness First Responder WFR プロフェッショナルレベル
  • Member of Yakushima Tourism Association 屋久島観光協会会員
  • Basic Life-Saving Certification 普通救命講習受講

Nice and kind is what I will be to you Guest, and would you please be so to Yakushima.


All our staff attend a training session every year in order to update our first-aid operation skill.
Yet, if ever an unpredictable accident happens during the tour, our insurance will make up to the certain amount the predictable undesired damages on your side.

In the field, our guides carry the following articles in case of emergency and for safety reasons:

-hygienic towel
-medical gauze
-taping tape
-kinesiology tape
-portable scissors
-icing spray
-oral rehydration solution
-poison remover
-portable telephone


For all tours

  1. When an official Warning for Heavy rain (Ground-loosening) is warned in Yakushima area by Japan Meteorological Agency, we cancel or postpone our tour concerning any activity outdoor.

    Frankly speaking, torrential rain could cause in the mountain area a partial landslide that can easily carry your life away.

    This guideline is followed and respected by all the tour guides and companies in Yakushima.

For trekking

  1. When the wind speed records over 18 m per second at a height of 2,000 m above Yakushima according to Japan Meteorological Agency’s Wind Profiler, we cancel or postpone our trekking tour concerning Mt. Kuromi or Mt. Miyanoura.

    Frankly speaking, strong wind in high altitude could take your body temperature away, and possibly freeze you to the icy heaven.

  2. When the route or trail concerning our trekking tour is closed by Yakushima’s municipality due to the natural condition, we cancel or postpone our tour, or change our tour content.

    We are locals and obligated to cooperate with our local authority, in order to keep all the visitors away from probable danger.

For kayaking

  1. When the lightning is observed while kayaking, all the participants will be advised to paddle under the protective objects, such as trees or bridge, or walk into the forest for better safety. If the lightning still continues on flashing, we stop the tour and return by walking on the bank.

    However, while the heaven flashing, usually our guide serves you a cup of coffee at a safe spot and we enjoy talking in an unusual situation. This could be another experience. So please always follow our guide’s instruction.

  2. If the water is muddy colored and its current is stronger than usual at the time before starting, we cancel our kayaking tour.

    The transparency of the water is closely related to anticipated rainfall. We take these elements in consideration for better safety.

For stream climbing

  1. One particular rock is always set for our “standard”. If the water flows over the rock in the morning of the tour date, we cancel our stream climbing.

    This is exclusively our safety guideline. The decision is made even when an official Warning for Heavy rain (Ground-loosening) is NOT warned in Yakushima area by Japan Meteorological Agency.

  2. If the water turns to muddy color even slightly on the way, all the participants will be advised to walk on the river bank/edge, or evacuate into the forest.

    A change in transparency of the water can be a sign for probable flash flood. We take in consideration multiple elements such as transparency and volume of the water, always observed along the time process.

  3. In addition to what is mentioned in the preceding paragraph, if the water level goes up by 5-10 cm compared to how it was at the starting point, an observation time is held about 30 min. After this observation, our guide will make a decision with much caution, whether we restart climbing or not.

    Frankly speaking, a subtle change in water level while stream climbing is hardly observable unless you know very well this particular river in Yakushima. However, it is a matter of life and heaven. So please follow our guide’s instruction.

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