Meet Yamato-sugi

Size of GroupPrice (per person) JPY
5 or moreContact us.
Size of FamilyPrice (per family) JPY
5 or moreContact us.
*A family must include at least a kid(s) less than 19yrs of age.
*Please pay us on site after the tour.
*Cash or Credit Card is accepted.
  • Course time: 7.5-8.5hrs
  • Distance: 7.8km for round trip
  • Challenge Level:
  • Area Altitude 1,000m-1,260m

Meet the greatest Yakusugi tree that you can actually touch and feel!

We highly recommend this course to you who seek the authentic cedar forest of Yakushima.

This course starts from Yakusugi-Land, which is a superb introduction to the ancient cedar forest, and goes further, deeper, greater into the pristine area.

Just by one step out of Yakusugi-Land on this route, you will meet almost nobody but trees, giant trees. It is a totally different experience from which on some popular route in Yakushima, where you would encounter tourist after tourist before reaching what you had initially expected for your trip.

Also on the way, you will be introduced to another august cedar tree who is kept in secret so far.

Mt. Tachu
-trekking shoes
-rainwear (a set of jacket and pants, no matter what the weather cast says)
-backpack (enough size to carry what you want/need to take with you)
-trekking poles (optional)
-gaiters (optional in case of raining or snowing)
Above listed gears are available in Yakushima to rent > link (about rental gear)
-soft-shell or fleece (in wintertime)
-thermal underwear (in wintertime)
-snack (or any portable food to charge your energy)
-self-confidence (both physical and mental)
-water bottle (500ml x2)
*In case of an accident during the tour, our insurance will make up to the certain amount in JPN the predictable undesired damages on your side. IN PRINCIPLE, it is your responsibility to enroll in travel insurance on your own prior to your trip and activity in Japan.

  1. Cap/Hat
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Backpack (Rain Cover)
  4. Trekking Poles
  5. Trekking Shoes
  6. Hard-shell Jacket
    + (Soft-shell Jacket or Fleece)
  7. Gloves

What in (parenthesis) do not appear in the picture.
Please refer to "Requirements" for what you need or not.

-Do you prefer to prepare your meal for the tour on your own?
The lunch (also morning for some tour) we offer is Japanese style "Bento" (lunch box) like this.
  1. Rice Balls
  2. Cooked Burdock
  3. Fried Chicken
  4. Fried Fish Ball
  5. Mackerel
  6. Rolled Omellets
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