Stream Climbing
available from July 1 to Sept. 30

  • lunch
  • private tour photos by your guide
Price per person
1 person27,000JPY
Group of 225,000JPY
Group of 322,000JPY
Group of 420,000JPY
Please pay us on site after the tour.
*Cash or Credit Card is accepted.
  • available from July 1 to Sept. 30
  • walking and swimming time : 5-6 hrs
  • Challenge Level:
Hop, step, jump up the river! and swim in the water that you can drink.

Crystal clear water is running through big granite rocks. That is definitely a part of Yakushima's charm.
By stream climbing, we can feel that water with our entire body, taking advantage of Japanese summer.

In Yakushima, the weather is totally different at each spot of NESW side of the island, so that our guide will choose which river to use on that day, seeking for better condition and safety.
Therefore, challenging level and difficulty may differ from easy to moderate.
Please consult us in advance and our guide will take your physical capability into consideration upon deciding the location.

At the end of climbing, fabulous waterfall will welcome you. Its access is allowed only by this activity.
Why don't we have a coffee break right in front of waterfall?

In Kurio-river In Kurio-river

In Kurio-river

My secret river in Seibu-rindou My secret river in Seibu-rindou

My secret river in Seibu-rindou

We offer;
-special boots
-life jacket
-water-proof bag
-lunch (can be cooked onsite or "Bento-box" style depending on weather condition)

-long pants and long-sleeved shirt (quick dry wear)
*In case of an accident during the tour, our insurance will make up to the certain amount in JPN the predictable undesired damages on your side. IN PRINCIPLE, it is your responsibility to enroll in travel insurance on your own prior to your trip and activity in Japan.

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